GALLERY - Images from various research trips to Stcotland
I've written several stories set in Lowlands Scotland that are inspired by the landscape, and the history of witchcraft and persecution in the area. These include RAMPANT and THE HARLOT, with more in progress and forthcoming. This gives me a great excuse to visit Scotland often, part research, part relaxation! :o) Please note, more photos will be added over time.

On the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

At Deacon Brodie's pub on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

At the Whisky Experience. Terrific visitor centre, (disabled friendly) read my visit notes here.

The view across Edinburgh rooftops from the top of the Whisky Experience building. The building you can see in the distance is said to be the inspiration for Hogwarts.

At The Mitre pub on the Royal Mile.

The Witchery, awesome building now a famous restaurant just next to the castle in Edinburgh. Read more about it at their site.

At the National Museum of Scotland. Read my notes on my visits here.

Artifacts from the time of the witch hunts. *shudder*

Branks with a chain, also called "witches bridles." The jagged edge cuts into the skin on the neck to enforce a confession.

Thumbscrews and manacles used for interrogating those accused of witchcraft.

Thumbcrews with padlock and key, and iron branks with a gag - used by the Kirk particularly to silence women accused of gossip.

Close up of thumbscrews, for elicitng confessions of witchcraft.

The Maiden, used to execute enemies of the crown or government, not witches.

A reconstructed Highlands Croft, one of many fascinating national artifacts at the National Museum of Scotland.

Traveling through the Lowlands by train in the snow!

Eerie, beautiful and inspirational...

My favourite photo, pub life in Edinburgh. This photo says it all: the wood, the brass, the history on the walls. Locals alongside the happy visitors chatting about all they have seen. Deacon Brodie's, Edinburgh.

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