THE OFFICE SCANDAL - a contemporary erotic romance


"Which sexual fantasy is your ultimate turn-on?"

How is Anya Reid supposed to control her desire for her gorgeous colleague, Warren McClure, when he asks questions about her sexual fantasies on their very first date? Anya wants Warren—and she has wanted to be more adventurous in bed for a long time—but she never expected him to be so direct…or to correctly guess a ménage is her secret desire.

Soon Warren isn’t just talking about Anya’s fantasies, he’s making them come true. Introducing her to his buddy Joe, a dreamy surfer-type who’s one hell of a hunk, Warren offers Anya a sexual adventure—an opportunity to experiment.

Emotions tangle, and when news of their torrid affair breaks across their mutual workspace the resulting scandal brings chaos and conflict to an already fraught love-triangle. Anya is falling hopelessly in love with both her lovers, but do Warren and Joe want a proper relationship, or are they only interested in erotic games?

Cover design by Kim Killion.

Available in print and digital from:
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and Amazon worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: A short story version of this novel was published by Harlequin Spice under the title Her Fantasy. These characters demanded a longer story and that's what they got! :)

"I honestly find myself charmed by the romance. I like Anya and Warren. In fact, in between the hot sex and the eventual ménage a trios episode, there’s a lovely sweetness here. I also like that after the ménage it’s not just “Oh, well, that was fun.” These two actually ::gasp:: talk about it and where their relationship is heading....More, please." Review of the early version by Wendy the Super Librarian for The Good, The Bad and The Unread.


"So you two work together, that's how you met?" Joe asked.

Warren nodded. Immediately, Anya sensed the shift in him, as if he were edging closer to his goal.

Joe winked at Anya, and smiled. "It must be hard to get the work done, looking at such a gorgeous woman...wanting her."

"You nailed it." A brooding, almost rueful smile passed over Warren's face.

Anya chuckled. It was like being privy to their male conversation about her: flattering, but somehow dangerous, nonetheless.

Joe's eyes narrowed. He hesitated a moment and then added another comment. "Don't you want to touch her, like...all the time?"

Warren nodded and took a deep breath. "Oh yeah, touch her, kiss her...bend her over her desk and lift her skirt up so I can stroke my hand over the curve of her arse. She has the most gorgeous arse I've ever seen."

Anya's breath was trapped in her lungs, and she looked from one to the other of them, desire pounding inside her.

Joe ran one hand round the back of his neck. "Jesus, Warren."

"That need only got worse," Warren continued, "once I had tasted her."

Anya was learning so much about his reaction to her, and every word he spoke unleashed another wave of physical need deep at her center.

Warren sighed aloud, before he continued. "Walking into the office is now a liability because I want to hold her and taste her." He shook his head, eyes locked on hers. "She has the most succulent mouth…" he added "…you should try it."

That was it.

He slipped it in as if it was most natural thing in the world to say, and then he raised his wineglass to his mouth and took a swig.

Joe ran his fingers through his hair. "You're inviting me to kiss your woman?"

Anya tried not to react, watching them both, fascinated by the negotiation...

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