SWEET-TALKING THE OPPOSITION a contemporary erotic romance novella.
ISBN: 1603100091.

Available from:
Amazon UK

London-based journalist, Eliza Jameson, is on assignment on a luxurious Rhine river cruiser, when she finds the perfect distraction on board — old flame, Marcus Weston. But Eliza came dangerously close to falling for Marcus last time around, and in order to play him at his own game, she decides to call the shots. Meanwhile, Marcus has his own agenda. In the ensuing battle, who will end up on top?


Eliza walked into his cabin and dropped her evening bag on the chair. "There are two rules that you must agree to follow."

She delivered the line, and then strolled into the center of the space, willing herself to see it through. If he played along she could do it. If he laughed at her, or didn’t want her enough, she’d fail. She didn't want to fail. She wanted to know what it would be like to conquer a dominant man like Marcus. Pivoting on one tall heel, she turned to look at him.

"Two rules…for my fantasy to be realized." She folded her arms and eyed him up and down.

"Rules?" he repeated, stripping off his tie, throwing it on the floor.

She nodded. He was so aroused that he wasn’t thinking fast, she liked that. Dark slivers of anticipation raced through her veins. The constant, low hum of the engines through the cruiser only seemed to make her more sensually aware. She took a deep breath. “Do you agree to follow the rules?”

It was the only way she could deal with it, but she wasn’t going to say that. She wanted him to think she was sure of herself, that she had the upper hand and knew what to do with it.

Marcus gave a quick shrug. “I’m game, if it means I get to be inside you.”

He’d much rather be in control, she knew that. But he clearly wasn’t going to let that worry him, not now he was all fuelled up. He wanted her—that gave her strength, and it gave her power. "First, you must do everything I ask, follow my every instruction."

"Ah, I see. In that case, I am your servant." He licked his lips, his hungry gaze covering her body.

She turned away, and gestured to the back of her dress. “Unzip me, please.”

He moved behind her and lowered the zipper, keeping his hand on it when it reached its end in the small of her back. She could feel the weight of his hand there at the base of her spine, and his breath hot against her shoulders. He rested a kiss on her skin at the base of her neck, a fleeting touch that sent skitters of sensation under her skin. Her spine seemed to melt. She swayed, her eyes closing.

"That's enough." She turned away, holding the dress loosely in place with her hand. "The second rule...you are not allowed to touch me, or touch yourself, unless I say so."

A flash of confusion crossed his face, but he quickly masked it. His body emanated tension. There was a more serious look in his eyes now, and his voice when he replied was husky. "It'll be hard to keep my hands off you."

“Do you agree?”

The tension escalated.

"I agree."

Lowering the dress from her shoulders, she let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. He stared at her, transfixed, slowly taking in the whole ensemble, from the polished elegance of her shoes, up the length of her legs and all the way up to the neat line of choker, devouring everything in between—from lace balconette bra, to lace G-string, and stockings, just as she had intended.

His hands clenched at his sides. "Making me promise not to touch such an attractive body seems like a pretty mean thing to do, Eliza."

“Maybe.” She bit her lip to stop from smiling, then threw her dress over the back of a chair, being sure to show him her “derrriere,” as he called it, as she did so. She’d been unsure she could do this, but the way he was looking at her was making her even hotter. Keeping him at bay made her feel emotionally guarded and safe too. When he was in charge he overwhelmed her, leaving her vulnerable. Not that she didn’t like that, she liked it a lot. Too much, in fact. Right now, she wanted to try this tactic. It had a built-in reward all its own. Besides, it was a secret fantasy, and it was making her incredibly horny. “Do you still agree to follow the rules?"

His eyebrows flickered, his eyes dark with lust. He was taut as a bow. "I agree."

Power throbbed in her veins, her body hot and clutching inside, hungry for him. He was so male, so strong, and he was agreeing to do her bidding. She wanted him ever more with each passing second.

Available from:
Red Sage
Amazon UK

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