One Enchanted Night - a short erotic fantasy novella

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SUMMARY: An exotic spell unleashes a myriad of sensory delights.

In the ancient city of Suzin, Yasmin, an innocent young bride, struggles with her lusty desires. Her husband is an Emperor’s captain undertaking a crusade. In his absence Yasmin’s physical needs are brazen and heated, and she wishes to master them.

Seeking advice she visits the mysterious soothsayer, Mistress Munya. In doing so, she discovers that the route to mastering her passion is entirely different than she might have imagined, and infinitely more pleasurable.

Together with her male acolyte, Mistress Munya teaches Yasmin to welcome and pursue the pleasures of the flesh. Presenting Yasmin with a magical dildo, she weaves a seductive sensory spell that brings Yasmin one enchanted night of passion—together with a lifetime of female knowledge about her husband's desires and the sensual world.

Warnings: This title includes frequent and graphic M/F sex including anal play. Please note: this ebook has been previously published with a different cover. Word Count: 15,527

"Saskia Walker has definitely fulfilled every woman’s wish to see her lover while they were away in ONE ENCHANTED NIGHT. Walker has undoubtably found a way to light the steaminess and longing within the reader. The story is rich with excitement, keeping you interested and the need alive to see exactly how Yasmin and Anwar get to enjoy their one night of passion together. My favorite part is how sensually Walker provided a fulfilled wish for anyone whose partner is away from them but still has that need for them burning brightly." Reviewed by LaNea Hartless. Read more at NovelTalk


"You have misunderstood me," she said, forcing herself to face the spellmaker.

The gentle wisdom she saw in the seer's eyes began to calm the dismay Yasmin felt. "I was hoping perhaps for a potion that would quell my needs until such time as my husband is returned home again." Meshing and unmeshing her fingers in her lap, she lowered her voice. "I am presently at my most fertile time, and it seems to make things even more difficult for me."

Munya smiled knowingly. "Yasmin, you will never master your desires if you attempt to quell them. That is not the way. We must embrace all of what is to be a woman—our desires, and the mysteries we hold deep within ourselves." She paused a moment. "Let me ask you this, would your husband want you to take a potion to quell your passion?"

Yasmin frowned. "Well, no. Not if he was here, but he is not here."

"Your husband enjoys your desire for him?"

"Oh, yes. He remarks upon it favorably. In fact he says it makes him want more of me than he has the strength for, and he is a very strong man." She blushed, wishing she hadn't blurted that out quite so readily.

Humor twinkled in the spellmaker's eyes. "Then you must have more faith in where your desire leads you, tonight and every night."

"But I would rather wait for my husband." Even as she said the words Yasmin found herself compelled to stare at the dildo in the box. It harnessed her attention in the most specific way, because she noticed the way the leather was sewn, lifting the head of the phallus tautly, which gave a particular bend to the object—a bend suggestive of pleasured intimate places. The head was made large and ridged, and her body grew damp and clenched in response, eagerly anticipating what it might feel like to push the thing inside her and ride it.

Lifting her tea, she took a sip of the fragrant beverage to distract herself. It didn't seem to work. If anything, the warm, flavorsome brew opened her up inside, making her more responsive to the very suggestion held in the object. The soothsayer's voice reached her still, but she could scarcely draw attention away from the object. She had never seen anything like it. Her sister had told her that many women used polished stones or carved wooden phalluses to pleasure themselves, but she had never seen one. She longed to hold it, stroke it—to put it inside her to relieve the lust that assailed her. Her body clenched as she imagined that broad head moving inside her, rubbing over every sensitive measure of her intimate flesh as it filled her up to capacity the way Anwar did.

"It is the mystery of desire that you fear," Munya said, "not the reason for it."

"My husband, Anwar, he is the reason," Yasmin murmured. Even while she wondered what Anwar would think of her for using such a thing, she felt strangely compelled to accept the box, her uneasiness about it dissipating.

Munya nodded. "You have been brave coming here tonight. I see and feel that, sweet Yasmin." Her eyes glowed with certain knowledge, and Yasmin felt it reflected in her heart. "You must trust me." She rested her hands on the table between them, palms upward. "Do you trust me?"

Yasmin nodded.

"Then put your hands in mine and allow me to lead you to your destiny."

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