MINDING AMY- a contemporary romance

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Amy Norton is on a mission to prove herself as an Investigative Journalist -- but her over-protective father hires a bodyguard to accompany her during her investigative work and she's furious. Things only get worse when she realizes the bodyguard is the guy she mistakenly approached on a blind date the night before. She was all over the man and embarrassed herself, big time. The last thing she wants is to have him obstructing her investigation, gorgeous though he is!

Undercover Investigator, Sebastian Armitage, is amused and fascinated by the situation and sets out to charm the pants off the hot-headed Ms Norton. She is one sexy lady, and he wants her. Before long they embark on a red-hot affair, but how is Sebastian going to point out that she's going about investigative work the wrong way, while keeping her sweet?

"Not only does she get her story but she also gets something else along the way. This was a really cute story." Dark Night Reads

"A delicious romp of a novel." Jeremy Edwards


Amy attempted to jerk free of his grip but he moved closer still, locking her in against the wall of the corridor with the bulk of his body. He was so close that her skin tingled, her traitorous body responding intimately to his proximity.

"You weren't this business-like yesterday," he commented in an insinuating tone, knocking the conversation right down onto a personal level.

"That was an error on my part and you know it."

"An error?" He moved one hand and ran his finger along her jaw. "I didn’t think so, and neither did you…at the time."

Lust surged through her, threatening to steal away her last ounce of poise. The way he touched her was so intimate and suggestive. It made the pulse in her groin thud wildly. "I'm not happy about having a minder," she blurted, latching onto that fact.

"The woman I met yesterday not only needed a minder but was glad to have one, if I recall correctly." The look in his eyes was so teasing it was downright rude.

He was enjoying this, damn him. She narrowed her eyes. "That's low."

He shrugged one shoulder. "It's the truth. You can't deny it."

She pressed her lips together tightly, her heart pounding.

"The woman I met yesterday was also much more agreeable," he added.

She shook her head in disbelief. Everything was a challenge to him. "You really have no shame."

"Neither did you, yesterday."

Oh, boy. He really was going to torture her with that. It was getting increasingly hard to maintain eye contact. "This is now a business arrangement."

He ran his finger down the lapel on her jacket, moving dangerously close to her aching breasts. "Then give me our 'business arrangement' meeting point, and we're done….for now."

"Seven o' clock, at the pickup point outside Euston station."

"I'll be there." He stepped away, freeing her.

He was by far the most attractive, sexiest man she'd ever met, and for the next couple of days she had to put up with him stalking her every move. The thought made her lightheaded. She straightened her jacket and walked away, her heart still racing. Focus on the job, she told herself, but all she could think about was her companion…


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