EROGENOUS ZONES is a contemporary erotic romance series about three sisters who have psychic abilities, and the very special men who love them.

Monica, Holly, and Faye, have more in common than simply being sisters. They are all psychics, each with an ability that manifests in a different way. For busy London girls finding the right man in the city isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when you have a psychic skill that ties in to your sexuality!

Over the course of a year each of the Evans sisters discovers that two men can handle what one lone man can’t. In three deliciously decadent ménage à trois affairs, the sisters fall in love with men who not only want them with a passion, but learn to love their psychic skills as well. Step into the Erogenous Zones with Monica, Holly, and Faye.

The second book in the series is HOLLY'S INTUITION.

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Holly's neighbours, Joshua and Stewart, are fit, gorgeous, and gay -- or that's what she thinks. Then one day, after coming to his aid following an accident, she forms a deep connection with Joshua, and subsequently becomes a psychic voyeur into his love life with Stewart. Holly has never experienced anything so intense, erotic, and arousing before, and despite her confusion about why this has happened to her, she can think of little else but being in the bed with the two men.

Joshua is trying to come to terms with being gay, and he's about to announce his sexuality to his family. But now Holly has entered the scene and he's drawn to her as well as to his partner, Stewart. Since his accident he feels close to Holly. She calms him…and arouses him. Sharing Stewart with her shouldn't be this much of a turn-on, but it is.

Stewart is bisexual, and his attraction to Holly is something he's been keeping under wraps for the sake of his relationship -- until he discovers Joshua is attracted to her as well. When they end up in a threesome, sex has never been this hot, but Joshua is even more confused about his sexuality as a result. Then Holly confides her psychic ability, adding a whole new dimension that none of them can ignore. Her intuition has brought them together, but will it also tear them apart?

"Wow — this is one hot book! Holly's Intuition is the perfect mix of sexiness, character development and plot. I loved all three main characters and enjoyed how the story progressed...A brilliant read and one I'd recommend to erotica fans, particularly if you like m/m/f threesome tales." Lucy Felthouse, Erotica For All/Blog Critics

"Holly's Intuition is the second delectable book in Saskia Walker's Erogenous Zones series, and while book one, Monica's Secret was good, Holly's Intuition is truly exquisite. Stewart’s character is especially well done, and Walker does an amazing job with his "chill" attitude toward his sexuality as well as his desire to help his lover come to terms with his own. The intense conversations between the men made me feel like a sensual voyeur, and I felt like it was a privilege to be privy to their intimate conversations. And the sex...WHEW! Between the two men together and the three of them feeling their way in and out of the bedroom, Holly's Intuition was sweet and sexy from beginning to end! Stewart’s seductively dominant nature made the scenes especially erotic, and when the three of them get it on, I was sure that my Nook was going to catch on fire! Honestly, this is one of the hottest books I've read, and a large part of that is the voyeuristic vibe that Ms. Walker is able to produce in this book. I'm looking forward to reading her third book in the Erogenous Zones series about the youngest Evans sister, Faye." Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance reviews. Rating: 5 Stars Heat Level: Orgasmic.

Excerpt: (NB: explicit adult content.)

They walked down the corridor -- two lovers about to be united as one -- but before they reached the bedroom door Stewart latched his hand over Joshua's shoulder and stopped him, as if unable to wait a moment longer. Pressing his lover up against the wall, Stewart kissed him passionately. It was open-mouthed and demanding, and lust gathered in Joshua like a tropical storm. His response to the desire he felt in Stewart was heady and keen. Stewart, the more dominant man of the two, ran his hands over his lover's body, rapidly stimulating him. Joshua moaned into his lover's mouth. When Stewart embraced Joshua's cock through his jeans, desire surged between them and their bodies rocked together in unison.

"Why is this happening to me?" Holly Evans threw back her quilt and sat on the edge of her bed, plucking at her pyjamas restlessly.

She stared across the darkened room in the direction of their flat. Several walls separated her and the two men who lived next door, yet even in the darkness she had a vital connection with Joshua's experiences. It meant that when he and Stewart were together she could feel every stimulation, every physical interaction and subsequent lusty fulfilment. Joshua and Stewart were her neighbours, and over the past couple of weeks they'd also become her most intimate companions in an erotic psychic experience that she could not understand or stop.

Psychic since childhood, Holly Evans had never experienced anything this vivid and intense before. Her gift had previously been about sensing moods and forthcoming events, and instinctively knowing someone's character when she met them. Never before had she had this kind of deep connection with anyone. Recently though, she had felt Joshua's highs and lows of emotion, pain, pleasure and desire. That meant that when he was with his lover it was like an x-rated movie rolling in her head, and more, for she experienced each touch, act, and sensation that Joshua felt, as it happened.

Every nerve ending in her body was stimulated, and yet she felt horribly guilty for having this window into their private moments. It was wrong, it was intrusive, but she couldn't stop it. To make matters worse, she couldn't help herself -- she'd quickly discovered that wanted to see, know and feel it all. Like a secret voyeur who was aroused but could not turn away, because the two men making love was the hottest thing Holly Evans had ever known.

Together they looked right, and it startled her, because she hadn't even realised they were lovers before her bond with Joshua grew. When Joshua had moved in with Stewart, she'd assumed they were flatmates. After her psychic connection with Joshua began all that changed, and with it came Holly's initiation into the delicious experience of man-on-man sex.

Gorgeous men they were too.

Joshua was tall and lean, with the ultra-fit body of a fanatical cyclist. Stewart was a gym manager, and his body was built large, muscular and hard. Both of them were beautiful men, and the experience of them intertwined this way made Holly's arousal levels soar, her body wired by every incoming stimuli and tingling with anticipation. Her core ached to be filled, and her clit throbbed as she felt every touch, saw every action.

At that very moment Stewart had his hands underneath Joshua's T-shirt, and was roughly caressing his chest, which made Joshua widen his stance for balance. The touch of the larger man's rough fingers on his nipples made his balls shift higher, his arousal growing acute. Holly clasped her hands over her eyes but it didn't help, because it was inside her head and running along her every nerve ending. No matter what she did she could still see it all, she could still feel it all.

The images and sensations she was experiencing were going directly into her mind and body. Why? Why had this happened? She stood up and walked to the window, opening the curtains in an effort to fill her mind with something else. Staring down at the midnight street lights and the row of shops on the opposite side of the London suburban street, she tried to focus on that instead. It didn't work.

Stewart had turned his lover to face the wall and was pressed against his back. Joshua had his hands flat to the surface, his face turned to one side. His back arched as Stewart reached around and undid his belt, shoving Joshua's jeans and jockey shorts down his thighs to gain access. Massaging his erect cock in one hand, Stewart stroked his lover between the buttocks with the other.

Holly turned away from the window and threw herself onto her bed face down, moaning into her pillow, her hand inside her pyjama bottoms. With her fingers thrust between her thighs, she squeezed her pussy in her hand for relief. Her clit was swollen and sensitive, her folds coated in her juices. With gusto her hips moved against her hand, wildly aroused as she was by what she could see and feel.

In the flat next door, Stewart was stroking Joshua's cock vigorously, his body pressed against Joshua's back. He whispered to Joshua, urging him on, his hungry kisses on the back of his neck making Joshua shudder.

Holly felt need well in Joshua. They'd been apart, and Joshua had missed being owned by his lover, missed being filled and forced to come even when he resisted. The connection was so intense that when his state of extreme pleasure washed over her it doubled her own experience, taking her to new levels of sexual ecstasy.

Going to come soon. The thought was Joshua's, but it whispered around Holly's mind and she rubbed herself faster. It was so intense that she came quickly, rubbing herself and thrusting two fingers inside.

All the while men moved together -- two lovers who were deeply in love. Two lovers who had no idea that the woman next door had become a secret, psychic part of their relationship.

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