Some places that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis:

I can has Cheesburger - because you can never have enough lolcats!
Internet movie database - I'm a big movie fan and I visit this site every day
The Erotic Woman - Classy erotica site.
Whitby - frequently haunted by us as well as Bram Stoker
Wendy House - the perfect night out for playful alternative adults
The Yorkshire Sculpture Park - a favourite local hangout of mine
Bronte Country - my local landscape
National Museum of Film, Photography and Television - so lucky to have this on the doorstep - because we like sex, surprise, surprise!
Murder One - crime and romance books, check 'em out.
Lucy Felthouse - up and coming UK erotic writer and journalist
Did you know you can check out your Lovability factor!
Home site of the fabulous fantasy artist and family friend Vali Myers
Just one of my friend Matt's bands, Corrosion
My friend Niall's band, Age of Reason
Fantasy artist, Juno cover art Timothy Lantz
Extraordinary Hungarian poet Ilona Hegedus

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