FORBIDDEN - a short erotic novella.

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Emmanuelle Forsythe is the daughter of a lord, but she's embarking on a secret, forbidden affair with her father's estate manager, Jacob Finch. Jacob is as much a slave to their mutual desire as she is, even though he has been warned off.

On the night of her twenty-first birthday party, while the banker who her parents want her to marry is ensconced with her father, Emmanuelle defies her family's expectations by escaping to make love with Jacob in the gardens. Her behavior is decadent and passionate, a brief taste of something magical that she believes she can never truly own. But Jacob wants more than one night and asks her to keep seeing him, whatever the consequences.

13,000 words in length, contemporary erotic romance.

Please note: this short story contains frank language and graphic m/f sex scenes.


Emanuelle was about to force herself to turn away and leave when Jacob dropped his axe on the ground, wiped his brow and strode over to the place where she stood, his heavy work boots crushing the tangled foliage underfoot as he went.

He rested one hand against the tree at her back, caging her in on that side, then shook his head while he looked her over. "That's not why you shouldn't be here."

Emmanuelle wrapped her hands around her upper arms. "Why then?"

The gleam in his eyes betrayed his interest. "Because you're beautiful, Emmanuelle. So beautiful, and so very tempting."

His close proximity made her breathless and unsteady.

He stroked one finger along her jaw.

Her eyelids lowered, seduced as she was by his touch.

"And you're my boss's daughter," he added.

Her eyes flashed open. Why did he think of her in terms of her family? She was an independent woman and she wanted him to consider her as such. "That shouldn't matter."

He gave her a wry, regretful smile and shook his head. "I'm afraid it does. It's a poison chalice if ever there was one."

Objection flashed through her. She stared up into his eyes, her gaze locked by the intensity of his. "How can you think that?"

Hurt and angered, she put her hands against his chest, meaning to push him away and leave. Then he clasped her around her waist, gripping her tightly. Words tumbled through her mindóthe need to set him straight, the need to establish herself in her own rightóbut his hands on her confused her. She tried to pull away.

Jacob stopped her, pinning her to the spot. How easily he could do that. It was breathtaking. Her legs went weak, desire building between her thighs as she stared up at him. This was what she wanted though, his strength, his commanding presence and his power. The essential woman in her craved it.

He looked at her mouth. "This is going to cause problems for us both, that's for sure."

Then he lowered his head and covered her mouth with his.

As soon as their lips met her arousal went unchecked. Even while she denied his words, her mouth opened to him, taking his tongue, and before she knew it she was returning the kiss just as demandingly. She wrapped her hands around his head, fingers in his hair.

Jacob shifted against her, his body pinning hers to the tree at her back as he pressed full against her. Shocked by the contradiction between his words and actions, and outrageously aroused, she squirmed in his grasp, shifting against the tree, her hands roving over him. His skin was hot to the touch, his body hard and fit, his scent making her crazier still for him. At her centre, heat built rapidly and her core clenched. Her summer top was cut low on the back and the rough bark against her skin felt oddly pleasurable, mirroring the chaotic emotions she felt in response to him.

When they drew apart for breath, he dipped to kiss her bare shoulder. His teeth grazed her skin and she moaned, one foot lifting from the ground as her body arched to his.

"I should know better," he murmured against her skin, and then lifted his head to look at her, "but apparently I can't help myself, not with you."

He really did think they shouldn't get involved. She shook her head and attempted to breathe deeply to steady herself, but her heart was racing. Desire was taking over. She wanted his weight between her legs and the thrust of him inside her. It had become a desperate, aching need, and now that they were in each other's arms she wanted to push aside the barriers. "All I know is that I want you."

Jacob cursed beneath his breath and inserted one strong thigh between hers, making her gasp when he pressed his hips against hers. She clutched at him frantically and breathed the scent of his hair, savoring the touch of it on her face as he stroked the outline of her breasts through her top, making her hotter still. The contact made her tremble, her nipples hardening. What she really wanted was his hands on her naked skin. She lifted her knee high against his thigh, inviting him in. He clasped and held her leg there with one large palm, while their bodies rode against each other...

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