EROGENOUS ZONES is a contemporary erotic romance series.

The third book in the series, FAYE'S SPIRIT, is available in print and digital download from:
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One outrageous weekend with two men, that's what Faye Evans dreams of, but when she meets Jai and Garth -- and their live in ghost -- she gets much more than she bargained for.

Faye Evans is a woman on a mission. Both her older sisters have had menage a trois relationships and now Faye too harbours a desire to sample the pleasures of two men, if only for a single wild weekend. The opportunity arises when architect Garth Connor calls her in to investigate the ghostly presence in his business premises. Both Garth and his business partner, Jai Nilson, are gorgeous hunks, and Faye can't help being attracted to them.

Garth and Jai are friends and colleagues but their relationship is competitive. When the mischievous ghost medium walks into their life and shows interests in them both, the edge between them sharpens. While Jai often walks on the wild side, Garth has never shared a woman before, but his desire for Faye makes him rise to the challenge. Especially when Jai quickly picks up on Faye's secret wishes and pushes things along, orchestrating their interactions until the simmering eroticism between them demands hardcore action.

But Faye's fling isn't as straightforward as she'd anticipated. She soon worries that she's endangered Garth and Jai's friendship by getting involved, and even more so when the shadow of a secret, long held grudge between the two men falls over their threesome and their growing affection. To top it all, dealing with the resident ghost only adds to the emotional entanglement, making Faye feel she wants to end it and run. But are Garth and Jai about to let her get away?

Reader Advisory: This book contains m/f/m scenes including voyeurism, exhibitionism, and some anal play.

"This was another absolute gem from Saskia Walker. From the very beginning I found it engaging, and was just as interested in the storyline as the sex (and boy is it hot!). I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and found it believable and fun, and incredibly erotic. Ms. Walker has created a brilliant story; well-written, interesting, emotional at times, and a real page-turner. You don't necessarily need to have read the other two titles (Monica's Secret and Holly's Intuition) to read this book, but I'd heartily recommend all three, with this saucy little number being my particular favourite. Faye is a lucky, lucky girl..." Lucy Felthouse for Blog Critics.

Excerpt: (NB: explicit adult content.)

Before Garth had a chance to flood the place with light, Faye turned and locked eyes with him and it changed everything. The look she gave him made him reconsider. Half-lit, she looked so damn sultry. The lights were perfect as they were. There was an invitation there in her eyes. She didn't want him to leave them alone.

Garth couldn't walk away.

Jai lifted his head too and without breaking the entwined embrace they were locked in, they both stared Garth's way.

Expectation built in the atmosphere.

"Our host looks as if he thinks he's missing out on the action," Jai commented.

Garth gritted his teeth, determined not to let Jai rile him, not now. Instead he studied Faye, wanting to know her thoughts, determined to do so.

She nodded at Jai's comment, but she didn't break the eye contact she maintained with Garth.

Garth clung to that. "You're my guest. Are you comfortable with this situation?"

After a long moment she responded. "I think so, if you are?"

Her voice trembled slightly, but she wasn't under pressure. Was Jai right, did she want them both? Was she kinky that way and, if so, what did she want exactly -- a threesome, or someone to watch her getting it on with Jai? The questions flooded his mind, and Izzy strolled through his confused thoughts again as well, making him question his own motives.

This was not about Izzy. That much he knew, despite Jai's suggestion that it was. He was a different man now and he wanted Faye.

Still Jai stroked her body, shifting the fabric of her dress as he did so, making the hemline move higher. Garth couldn't have turned away even if he wanted to, because he wanted to touch her the way Jai was, maybe lifting that dress high enough so that he could cup her bottom and lift her against him. It struck him how easily he could hold and carry her -- and wrap her legs around him -- if she wanted him to. His cock hardened.

When Jai kissed her neck again, her head dropped back. Her breasts buoyed against the fabric of her dress -- and against Jai's body.

The tension in Garth's shoulders built. His spine grew ramrod straight. He wanted to cause that reaction in her, he wanted to feel her body ripple under his hands as he kissed and stroked her and made love to her.

Jai moved, turning Faye to face Garth more openly. Jai stood behind her with his hand wrapped around her waist while he kissed the side of her face in a playful, light-hearted way.

Fuck him. Garth couldn't be like that with a woman, not right away, and Faye was enjoying what Jai was doing her. What chance did he have?

"Perhaps Garth is enjoying seeing you this way," Jai said, loud enough for everyone's benefit, "and who could blame him, you're a very attractive woman."

Garth battled with his self-control. Why couldn't he be more like Jai? He wanted to go over there and grab her into his arms, but he was afraid that if he did he might be tempted to thump his old friend in the process. "You're being deliberately provocative, Jai."

Faye shifted within Jai's grasp. "I thought you two had done this before."

Nonplussed, Garth gave her a querying look.

"Shared a woman," she added.

Jai only seemed to thrive on her remark. He locked both arms around her waist and watched Garth over her shoulder, his mouth curved at one corner. "You like the idea do you, the idea of Garth and I sharing a woman?"

"Yes, but I thought that's what you --" Her voice trailed off and her eyelids lowered. Her cheekbones coloured.

Garth could see that Jai stroked her again, moving his hand over her hip bones. He rocked against her from behind. Garth curled his hands into fists. She would be able to feel everything against her back, and Jai was bound to have an erection. Christ knows he had one, and he wasn't even touching her.

"No, we haven't shared a woman." Garth put it out there, needing to state that truth, but perversely also wanting to push things forward. What with his urge to compete with Jai and sexual desire feeding his thoughts and actions, logic and reason were slipping from his grasp. "Why, do you want that?"

Her eyelids lifted. "It was a fantasy of mine and when I met you, I thought." The colour on her cheeks heightened. "I got the impression that maybe you had."

"Just because we haven't, doesn't mean we never would." Jai moved his fingers to her chin, turning her face to his and kissing her on the mouth.

Garth's cock ached within the confines of his clothing -- his balls tightening, his body readying for sex -- even while he wondered if he could live up to her fantasy. Sharing a woman with Jai? He'd thought about it, because of Izzy, but he never really believed it could happen. And still he doubted his own motivations. Too long without a woman. But no, he still wanted her. Her tinkling laughter, her grounded words and that flashing smile magnetised him.

When Jai drew back he looked Garth directly in the eye. Slowly that dress of hers had shifted up her thighs. "I'm sure Garth would like to see what you look like when someone is making love to you."

Garth caught sight of over-the-knee stocking tops and purple lace panties, and he lost it. "I would like to see that," he said, overly loudly, "but I'd rather be the person who was making love to her."

It came out of nowhere, but Garth couldn't help himself. He had to have his say or this thing would be out of his control.

Faye moaned softly.

Despite the frustration he felt he could see that Jai was pleased by his response.

Garth twitched with annoyance. He was being drawn in but he resented the feeling that he was being manipulated by his more experienced friend. "Show some respect. Faye is our guest, not a plaything."

Jai gave a husky laugh. "Well, Faye, your honourable host is worried that you aren't happy about this. If he could feel the energy coming off you," he paused and ran his fingers from her chin down her neck and into her cleavage, before cupping his hand around one breast, "I don't think he'd have any doubts."

Garth ground his teeth, narrowing his eyes as he observed.

Faye's eyelids lowered and she moaned aloud when Jai's hand moved around her breast, holding her through her dress. "I'm okay," she murmured, panting for breath, and looked at Garth. "Don't worry." Then she reached out her hand to him, her fingers beckoning to him. "Please, come closer."

Pure, primal lust surged through Garth.

"You are such a temptation." He whispered the words under his breath, never thinking for a moment she would hear him.

"This situation," she responded, "that's the temptation."

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