DOUBLE THE TROUBLE a contemporary erotic romance.

Cover by Tracey at Soxsational Cover Art

Bella Harrison's had a crush on her brother's best friends, Ollie and Killian, since she was a teenager. The two hunks are forbidden to her—way out of bounds—and no amount of begging is ever going to change her brother's mind. She can't go out with either of them—let alone both.

The only reason Ollie and Killian haven't made a move on their buddy's not-so-innocent little sister is because their best friend Alex has warned them off. But now Alex is working as an international courier and he's in deep trouble. Ollie and Killian are at Bella's door in the middle of the night, ready to help sort Alex's mess—and a lot more besides.

Bella, Ollie and Killian are locked together in a battle against time—chasing vital papers across Europe to prove Alex's innocence—while tearing down the barriers that kept the three of them apart until now.

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It was a game Bella often played. Which of her brother's buddies would she pick—Oliver or Killian—if she had to choose between them?

Bella could never decide. The truth of the matter was she wanted them both, so it was an impossible choice. It was fun trying to decide though, taking time to consider the question at length, imagining who she'd like to get her hands on, who she'd like to sidle up to and claim as her boyfriend.

Contemplating the two guys in question, she leaned up against the kitchen door frame and stared out across the adjacent family room. Ollie and Killian were sprawled on the family sofa, occasionally glancing her way, even while they watched the sports channel and conversed about basketball tactics. Hot, lingering glances they were too, as if they were thinking exactly the same thing as she was.

Both of them were muscular, athletic guys. Oliver had brown hair and roughish good looks, melting chocolate eyes and a friendly smile. He got on with everyone and had plenty of confidence. Killian was the dark horse, the watcher, the one who seemed like he never missed a thing. His hair was jet black, his eyebrows dark slashes over piercing blue eyes, his cheekbones high and sharp, and his jaw equally defined. Bella likened him to a hawk, keen and sharp, always alert. The pair of them always seemed inseparable to Bella. Was that why they appeared to come as a package deal, two for the price of one? The idea amused her.

Her brother, Alex, turned her way and caught her looking at his buddies.

He shot up out of his armchair, blocking her view.

Bella turned away in a huff, strolling into the kitchen.

Alex was close behind her. "Stop flirting with Ollie and Killian,” he told her, once he was out of earshot of his friends. "They're out of bounds and don't you forget it.”

Alex grabbed another four-pack of beers out of the fridge as he spoke. He was well on his way to being drunk. He'd been drinking fast, blowing off steam as he celebrated his exam results and prepared to leave home for university the following week. Bella rolled her eyes at him, her cheeks flaming. If he shouted his mouth off in front of the guys, she'd never forgive him. "I'm not a little kid anymore. You don't get to tell me what to do.”

"Dad put me in charge,” Alex warned. "I'll pack you off to Grandma's if you don't behave.”

"You won't. I'm not even doing anything.”

"You're looking at them with those eyes, flirtin'.”

She snorted. "Do you know how ridiculous you sound?”

In the sitting room beyond, she heard the guys laughing over something on the TV.

Alex started to rant under his breath, even while he tried to open a beer without dropping the four-pack under his arm.

She gave him the finger.

He ignored it, taking a swig of the frothy beer as he walked away.

"Fuck you,” she muttered at his retreating back. "I'll do what I want.”

His footsteps were none too steady. He was way over the limit and Killian had already hidden the car keys in case Alex took off in his car. He'd threatened to go out and buy more beer.

It wasn't needed. Even Bella could tell he'd had enough, and she'd never seen him this drunk before. He'd been determined to get sloshed, announcing it was his privilege because he was acting head of the household. It ticked her off, but who was she to argue? Besides, she kept taking photos of him without his knowledge, so she could torture him with them at a later date. Either way, it wasn't the first time he'd warned her off his buddies. It used to be because she was a little kid, getting in the way. They were older now though. The guys had other things on their minds, and so did Bella. She was an adult and she knew exactly what she wanted. They were out there in the sitting room, two hot guys, lounging on the sofa. They were gorgeous and they returned her curious glances with hungry stares, revved up and ready for action—just like her.

But Alex kept warning her off.

Annoyed, she waited until he left the kitchen and then sneaked more of her mother's chilled white wine into her coffee mug. Alcohol was off limits to her too, but Bella wasn't going to sit around and let the guys have all the fun.

Swigging it down, she sauntered to the doorway and leaned up against the frame, looking at the scene beyond. The guys were half-watching the sports channel, and talking about girls they knew. Alex had been hot for some new teacher at his school. He had a damn cheek, warning her off his friends. She put her back to the door frame, tucked one thumb through the belt loop on her jeans, and sipped from the mug she held in her other hand. Fuck it, she would look at them all she wanted, she would get her fill of looking, especially with those eyes.

Killian passed Alex another can.

He glanced her way as Alex took it, and the corners of his mouth lifted. It was slight, just the hint of a sexy smile, but it said so much. Her heart rate shot up. She glanced at Ollie.

He'd slowed down on the drinking too. When? She hadn't noticed. But the pair of them were watching Alex. Were they waiting to make a move? Her body burned up at the idea of it, anticipation rocketing through her.

Alex tipped his head back against the sofa, nestling down. His eyes shut momentarily, as if he was about to drift off, then opened again. "Gonna miss you guys when we all head to uni.”

All three started their first year the following week. Bella suspected that's why Alex was busy getting drunk. Saying goodbye to his buddies had hit him hard. He was a big softie underneath.

Killian squeezed Alex's shoulder with one hand. "We'll visit. You don't get away that easy.”

Even as he spoke, he glanced at Bella, as if including her.

Her pulse tripped.

Alex raised his can in response to Killian's comment, and then his arm lowered slowly to his side. The can stood on an angle against his leg. He promptly dozed off.

Killian wedged a cushion against the can to stop it tipping over, rose to his feet, and moved in her direction.

Glued to the spot, Bella watched as Ollie followed.

Killian nodded into the kitchen, encouraging her to back away into the space beyond, out of view of her brother.

She turned quickly, leading the way.

Killian entered the room behind her. Was that the heat of his stare she could feel, or her own sense of self-awareness going into overdrive? Whatever, it made her burn up from the inside.

She put her back to the kitchen wall, dying to see what they'd do.

Ollie was right by her side. "Got something in mind?”

She looped her hand around the back of his neck and tipped her head back, looking up into his eyes. "Maybe.”

He closed in and she stood on tiptoe, taking his kiss.

His mouth brushed over hers, as if testing her.

She kissed him back, showing him she wanted it.

Crushing her against the wall, Ollie kissed her fiercely, letting her feel the full force of his interest. Her lips parted and she groaned into his mouth, her body vibrating with tension. Ollie's hands went either side of her head, flat to the wall, his hips hard against hers.

She pulled away and glanced over his shoulder at Killian.

Ollie's head lowered and he kissed her neck from collar bone to jaw, murmuring how much he wanted her as he did so.

Killian's eyes blazed. He always let Ollie lead, but Killian was the one with a knowing smile and a dark glint in his eyes. He often looked like a caged beast on the verge of letting loose. When he prowled closer, it made her reach for him. Tipping her head to look up at him, she shook her hair back. "I want you to kiss me as well.”

Ollie laughed softly against her throat. "Think you can handle us both, huh?”

Killian nodded at her. "Sure she can. It's always been there in her eyes—”

"You know what I mean,” Ollie interrupted, lifting his head to glance at Killian. "Wanting something and being able to handle it are two different things.” She grasped his hand. "Don't stop. I can handle it.”

Pulling him closer to the wall—out of Alex's view, in case he awoke—she found herself engulfed in maleness. They were ricocheting together, all three of them charged and loaded, let loose in a frenzy of need that'd built and built all summer long. Deep inside she knew she wouldn't have had the nerve to do this, not without the wine. She wasn't going to stop though. She'd thought about it enough. Fantasized. Because when she thought about one of them, the other was there too—in her needs and desires, in her imagination. Now they'd both stepped forward.

They'd had this chance to get closer, and she wasn't going to let either of them turn away.

She stood on her tiptoes. "I want you,” she whispered, close against Killian's ear.

Killian broke free of their tight knot and meshed his fingers with hers. The contact electrified her, ramping up her desires in very real terms, her core clenching with need. Lifting her easily, he moved her and sat her on the kitchen counter top. He stepped between her open legs. His grasp on her thighs made her pulse race. "So you did want us to come over here and keep you company, huh?”

The intense determination in his eyes told her who was in control, and it wasn't her. He put his hands around her hips, jolted her right to the edge of the counter top, so the rigid erection under his zipper pressed firmly against her seam.

"You're beautiful,” Ollie said as he leaned in between them, and covered her mouth with his. Kissing her deeply, his hand moved under the surface of her T-shirt so he could cup her breast through the lacy fabric of her bra, even while he reached around to get the bra undone.

"Let us see you,” Killian whispered, nodding at her top.

She reached for the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it up and off.

When she let it drop, Killian cupped her lace-covered breasts.

Bella melted under his touch, savoring it.

She ran her hands over Killian's shoulders and up the back of his neck. Deep at her centre her pulse beat furiously, wiring her whole body with electricity.

Killian's fingertips paddled along the waistband on her jeans, teasing her skin, making her long to be completely naked when he clutched her body close to him. The hard, virile strength so close at hand made her dizzy. He looked at her while he ran his knuckles over the bump of her pussy through her jeans. The contact made her gasp aloud, his exploratory touches making her body sing.

"Please,” she whispered breathlessly.

"Oh God, yes.” He squeezed her through the fabric, cupping her mound.

Bella gripped his shoulders tightly and rocked her hips to him, needing more. Trapped there and barely able to keep still, she was in an acute state of arousal. She pressed her fingernails into his shoulders, craving him, her body eager to be wrapped around his, to feel his masculine flesh against hers—his body working into her, his cock filling her. Then she looked beyond him at Ollie. "Are you just going to stay there and watch?”

"No way.” Ollie laughed gruffly. His expression filled with wicked intentions. He was going to watch them, but he was going to join in too. He jerked his head back at the sitting room beyond. "Listening out in case he wakes.”

"Don't even say it,” Killian muttered.

Forcing herself to inhale, she wondered how she would cope, then she knew. Just let go, she told herself, just let it happen. Just do it. Hadn't it always been her fantasy, ever since she first saw the two of them hanging out with her brother?

Her hand went to Ollie's belt, and when she felt the hard shape of his erection pressing against the zipper she couldn't get to it quickly enough.

Ollie raised his eyebrows appreciatively.

Her heart hammered in her chest. She felt light-headed, swimming in a sea of arousal, and Ollie and Killian just kept leading her further into deep water. Was it really happening?

A groan issued from the family room, followed by the sound of Alex's voice. "What the hell..? Where is everybody?”

Killian eased away and slammed his fist up against the wall cabinet behind her head, cursing under his breath as he did so.

Ollie began to back away.

"No!” With her hands flat to the work surface, she lifted up, locking her legs around his hips, holding him against her a moment longer. Then she ground against the hard bulk of his erection inside his jeans.

Ollie's eyes lit and he gave a low growl. "How the fuck am I going to sleep tonight?”

Killian leaned in, wrapped one large hand around the back of her neck and kissed her full on the mouth. It was a hungry kiss, full of promise.

Again, Alex groaned from the next room. It sounded as if he was trying to get up.

If he found them like this it was over. He'd pack her off to their grandparents in the morning. Reacting, Bella put her hand on Ollie's shoulder and pushed him away. "The same way I will. Think about what would've happened next.”

"One day,” Ollie promised, as he ran a knuckle down her cheek.

As he peeled away and Killian followed, she blew them both a kiss.

Killian paused in the doorway and nodded her way. "And you'd better be ready.”


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