Three guys who want to leave their hacker days behind.
Three women who may or may not stand in their way.


A chance encounter on the London Underground brings Sky Vaughn face to face with her stepbrother, Rory Rattigan, the guy she had a passionate teen crush on back home in Wales. Sky’s vowed to stay out of trouble. She’s already been thrown out of one college and she’s desperate for a second chance to study art in London—but she never could resist sparring with Rory Rattigan.

Rory is trying to break with his computer hacker past. His sexy stepsister turns up just when he needs to hide his hacker kit, and she’s more than willing to help him out. But Rory soon realizes the desire he’s always had for Sky is going to complicate his plans to play life by the rules. He left home because he couldn’t have her, and now here she is.

The chemistry between Rory and Sky is about to change their lives forever—because trouble and danger can’t keep them apart, and they attract both, in spades.

Available from, Amazon.UK,,, and Amazon worldwide. And available from publication date, 13th February 2018, in print from Amazon, Nook and Createspace.


Lara Compton is in her first year of a business degree, but what she really wants to do is impress her dad and beat her older brothers into his favor. When she overhears her father talking about a mole within their finance company she decides to play detective. What better way to investigate than to secretly hire one of the hackers who broke into their computer systems the year before?

Draco Vaughn spots the attractive woman stalking him and confronts her. She’s hot, she’s flirting, and he’s interested. However Lara surprises Draco by offering him a job with a big financial company—and it’s only the same company who sent his stepbrother Sean to jail. Tempted by the prospect of getting inside to make the company owner suffer, he agrees to take on the job. What he didn’t account for was the unstoppable attraction between him and Lara, and the layers of subterfuge he finds in the corridors of power.

Working closely, Lara and Draco’s undercover detective hunt runs in parallel with an intoxicating affair, a powerful relationship that won’t be denied—no matter what Draco discovers, and who it will hurt.

Available for preorder from, Amazon.UK, Amazon.aus,, and Amazon worldwide. And available from publication date, 30th March 2018, in print from Amazon, Nook and Createspace.


Rowan Vaughn doesn’t need a man. All men do is break your heart. So when Sean Rattigan drives into town on a Harley Davidson—ripped and brooding—she has to lift her jaw and act like she doesn’t care. Sean is the one who stole her heart and promptly disappeared with it. She isn’t going to give him the satisfaction of falling on her back for him all over again.

Fresh out of jail for cyber crimes—and with a pack of hungry gangsters on his trail, slavering for his hacking skills—Sean Rattigan heads to Wales, determined to lay low in the land of the dragons. Seeking only a bed for the night, he calls on his stepsister, Rowan. But the magnetic attraction between Sean and Rowan is more powerful than ever, and their passion is quickly reignited.

Rowan has a confession to make, but Sean disappears again without hearing her out. Furious, Rowan vows to give him a taste of his own medicine and follows him to London. What she doesn’t know is Sean left her behind to protect her, and she’s about to walk into the mother of all gangland showdowns.

Available for preorder from,,,, and Amazon worldwide. And available from publication date, 15th May 2018, in print from Amazon, Nook and Createspace.

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